Exercise and well-being


Your Diet, Your Health

July 1, 2017
No diet is bullet proof and each one of us must find the diets that makes us feel best and which, in our view, gives us the best shot at health and happiness. We can greatly reduce our risk of heart disease, diabetes, cancers and other ills with diet, but we can't eliminate ...
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Exercises and Activity

June 21, 2017
I often get asked about "muscle problems" and how to treat them with exercises and activity. There is a popular mis-conception that muscles are the prime cause of spinal issues. The vast majority of patients have a combination of a "nerve-muscle-joint" problem. The muscle re...
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Athletic Performance

February 15, 2017
Many athletes use chiropractic to recover from injury or difficult workouts. A new award-winning study suggests that chiropractic can also improve athletic performance. In this study, researchers examined the effects of chiropractic on 18 professional judo athletes in Brazi...
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