Exercises and Activity

I often get asked about "muscle problems" and how to treat them with exercises and activity. There is a popular mis-conception that muscles are the prime cause of spinal issues. The vast majority of patients have a combination of a "nerve-muscle-joint" problem. The muscle represents no more than one third of the problem. I believe that the "nerve-joint" relationship is more important and once we restore the function of that system, then the muscles are then able to function properly.

Recent research has shown that "muscle problems" respond really well to chiropractic care. In fact one of my colleagues', Heidi Haavik, who has a PhD from Auckland University, has recently done research that has determined that one chiropractic treatment has the same neurophysiological effect as three weeks of exercises.



Whilst it is important to stay busy and active, I believe that specific exercises are over-rated and have little benefit in sorting out issues in the spine.


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