Concussion and Post-concussion Syndrome

Concussion and Post-Concussion Syndrome

A lot has been written and researched recently on head injuries, concussion and post-concussion syndrome. There are two very good resources into the manifestations of these problems.

"The Cerebral Dysfunction Syndrome", by Allan Terrett in the book Foundations of Chiropractic By Meridel L. Gatterman. Terrett details extensively the symptoms of this disorder, which are often the symptoms of concussion due to head injuries and neck trauma. These symptoms include giddiness, dizziness, lethargy and fatigue, depression and nervousness, mixing of words, headaches, memory problems, loosing track of conversations and depression. There are many other symptoms as well. Terrett elaborates on the mechanisms of this disorder, and he believes that there is a physiological reduction in blood flow to the brain resulting in the brain going into "hibernation" and not functioning properly. He also details why spinal manual therapy is an excellent option in the treatment of these disorders.

Francis W. Smith and Jay S. Dworkin have edited a book, The Craniocervical Syndrome and MRI. The is a seminal text in the diagnosis and management of concussion and post-concussion syndrome, which they have termed "Craniocervical Syndrome".

Using upright MRI's, they have examined the "corking" of the brainstem into the upper cervical spinal canal when going from a lying down to upright position. They postulate that this corking causes an interruption to the flow of cerebral spinal fluid, blood flow and lymphatic drainage to the brain stem resulting in many of the symptoms of concussion. They also elaborate on the risks of motor neuron disease and other neurological conditions as a result of this "corking". There is a high incidence of motor-neurone disease in people that have suffered form neck trauma.

There is a chapter written by Scott Rosa, chiropractor in U.S.A. on the chiropractic management of these conditions, and he appears to have a reasonable success in treating patients with symptoms of concussion and corking of the brainstem.


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