Pseudo Angina

Spinal dysfunction and chest pain & breathing problems.

One prominent cardiologist, Kunert, from Germany, has shown links between spinal dysfunction and chest pain & breathing problems (often called pseudo-angina).

A neurologist, Lewit, from Prague, writes at length of his experimental and clinical experience using spinal manipulation to treat patients with respiratory problems, heart dysfunction, digestive problems, gynaecological disorders, migraine, vertigo/dizziness, and other conditions.

Grieve, a noted and well-published English physiotherapist notes that " all those experienced in manipulation can report a benefit from manual or mechanical treatment for conditions such as migraines, vertigo, subjective visual disturbances, feelings of retro-orbital pressure, dysphagia (difficulty with swallowing), dysphonia (difficulty with speech), heaviness of a limb, restriction of respiratory excursion, abdominal nausea and the cold sciatic leg".

The pseudo angina conditions require a short trial of treatment to determine benefits. 


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